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Smart Science Cart - Microscience Workstation

Microscience is the pioneering use of specialist equipment and techniques to conduct science on a much smaller scale. It is highly recommended by leading educators and used widely in school labs around the world, while also having applications in research. Designed to replace expensive organic chemistry apparatus, microscale apparatus provides many significant advantages over more traditional methods. Most activities can be set up and conducted in roughly a third of the time of traditional methods, while the smaller volumes of chemicals required provides huge cost savings and a much safer lab environment.

Moreover, the cost, safety and simplicity of microscale methods make it much easier to implement teaching where smaller groups or even individuals conduct their own experiments - resulting in much better learning outcomes and pupil enthusiasm. And microscience can be conducted in almost any classroom, without the need for a fully-equipped traditional science laboratory!

The Microscience Workstation contains all the necessary equipment to cover many of areas of the curriculum in secondary chemistry, physics and biology and is complemented by a huge number of curriculum-linked resources such as student worksheets and teacher’s notes.

Microscience laboratory Microscience laboratory Microscience laboratory


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