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Smart Science Cart - Introduction
The SmartLabs Smart Science Cart has been designed by science teachers for secondary school science teaching. It is a unique blend of a self-contained mobile science cart with a comprehensive range of science equipment, software, experiment simulation and learning materials to help teachers and educators demonstrate a wide range of Science and ICT activities. The learning materials and software can be mapped to any national or international curriculum and can be delivered in a wide variety of languages.

Smart Science Cart

Innovative - Cutting edge design. A unique combination of equipment and learning materials

Mobile - Converts any learning area into a Science
and ICT laboratory

Modular - Experiment trays for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and MicroScience

Customised - Equipment and learning resources mapped to your curriculum

Multi-lingual - Learning resources delivered in
different languages

Interesting - Multimedia learning materials stimulates student interest

Cost Effective - Eliminates the need for expensive capital intensive laboratories

ICT Enabled - PC or Laptop available with
audio-visual options

Secure - Can be locked or removed to a secure storage area at the end of the working day

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Renewable Energy Options

Bench Dimensions


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