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Smart Science Cart - Converts any Classroom into a Science Lab

A mobile self-contained laboratory facility for teaching Science, mapped to your curriculum and delivered in your language.

Smart Science Cart

For a full detailed technical specification of the Smart Science Cart, please click here.



Innovative - The innovative design of the science cart allows the units to be shipped as a flat pack self-assembly system or fully assembled

Modular - A range of fully supported Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Combined Science experiment sets at different academic levels are available

Cost Effective - SmartLabs Smart Science Cart offers great value for money and provides a low cost alternative science laboratory facility

Customised - Equipment and learning resources mapped to your curriculum

Secure - The comprehensive storage areas within the science cart all have lockable doors providing excellent safe storage of equipment

Mobile - Because each science cart can be moved easily from room to room, any teaching space can be converted into a science laboratory

Technology Rich - Can be enhanced through the addition of a wide variety of computer based technologies

Multilingual - Learning resources delivered in a variety of different languages


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